corpustrip - one night event


CORPUS - Luca Donnini
from 2007 to 2010 
Shot in: Rome, Madrid, Paris, Berlin, Stockholm, Vienna, Ljubljiana, Istanbul
with Rolleiflex.

Corpus is a collection of black-and-white portraits realized by photographer Luca Donnini in Rome, Madrid, Paris, Berlin, Stockholm, Vienna, Ljubljana, Belgrade and Istanbul between 2007 and 2010.
Starting in April, Corpus is leaving Rome for its TRIP tour.
CorpusTRIP is a travelling project with multiple facets. It is a temporary exhibit, on the move from city to city, a one night event at unusual and ramdon locations. It exploits spaces that are occupied or abandoned, unfinished or awaiting inspiration, and turns them into dynamic places of experience. Actively discovering corpus means taking part in the collective experience which turns the project into an unexpected vision and surreal apparition.
The CorpusCAR transports the 150cmx150cm prints throughout Europe, creating unique settings and unexpected pop ups. Luca Donnini, Adi Chiru and Alessio Maximilian Schroder are starting on a 10,000km van trip through thoughts and forests, bodies and mountains.
The TRIP is a visual and upfront journey conceived to give sound to a genre that thrives on looks, presenting Donnini’s Corpus in a new light.
We are proud to announce that the TRIP will soon be coming to 25 European cities on the lookout for locations ready to give it up for a night with Corpus.
Project manager Adi Chiru will be responsible for organization and background music. Alessio M. Schroder’s video documentation of the TRIP will later be made into a film.

‘…Re-conceiving a given place; re-baptizing it and thereby hinting at its other hypothetical functions; redirecting signs; mingling one’s own artistic expression with the scattered signs of urban communication; diluting, dissipating and dispersing that expression; leaving behind signs that might or might not be noticed, that might or might not be “artistic”; subjecting one’s self to the sacred places of communication and ostentation; these are, to my mind, possible forms of resistance.’

(Salvatore Puglia Digressioni della resistenza , 2000)